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Rants on Cactus Phylogeny, Teddy Bear Cholla, Neobuxbaumia Dungeons of Oaxaca, transporting plants in storage bins, over-crowded hiking/wilderness areas, how idiotic the word "natu...

A fascinating and educational 68 minutes that breaks down the mechanisms of California's weather and where it might be headed in the future.  

Rants about California Dystopia, Proper Seed Collection, Drought, Butano Cypress (biogeography rant), etc

A conversation with my friend the Professor and Author Dr. Peter Bernhardt about the floral morphology of many of Australia's incredible terrestrial orchids and members of the anci...

A 2 hour conversation with Michael Eason about Texas Flora. Michael Eason is a botanist, author, photographer, and Texan. 

Rhyolite, Fuckface!

From West Texas to the Mojave the entire Southwest is in a drought in mid November of 2020 oh, but that does not stop us from doing some vegetative botany and fucking around with t...

 Long disjointed rants on native plants of South Texas, plant propagation, rescuing cacti that are in the path of the proposed border wall, ppeyote gardens, indigo snakes, Etc

(Re-upload because the first file was corrupted and cut out at 3 min...)  Probably the episode I'm most excited about so far - a talk with the kind, humble and brilliant Bruce Bald...

2 hrs of conversation about Adaptive Radiation, Hawaiian Lobeliads, & Calochortus Evolution 

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